Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Sun of the Alentejo

So today is six six six. (6.06.06)

You may know that that number is the number

of a man in the last book of the so called Good Book,

But you may not know that 666

is also the sum of the magic square of the Sun.

We certainly do not suffer from too much good news these days.

So here is some.

It is the construction announcement for the "World's Largest PV Plant".

LISBON, June 6 (Reuters) - Construction of the world's largest solar energy plant started on Tuesday in Portugal's southern Alentejo region, General Electric said.

General Electric will invest $75 million to build the photovoltaic power plant, which will cover 60 hectares (150 acres) of gently rolling hills with solar panels.

The panels, which will be raised around 2 metres off the ground in an area dotted with olive groves, will produce 11 megawatts of electricity, or enough to supply 8,000 homes.

The plant is expected to be ready in January 2007 and will have 52,000 photovoltaic modules.

It is near the town of Serpa, 125 miles (200 km) southeast of Lisbon and in the heart of Portugal's Alentejo, an overwhelmingly poor agricultural region and one of the sunniest spots in Europe.

The scheme fits into Portugal's plans of reducing its reliance on imported energy and cutting output of greenhouse gases that feed global warming. Portugal's emissions have surged about 37 percent since 1990, one of the highest increases in the world.

"The Serpa solar power project, along with other renewable energy initiatives, helps lay the foundation for Portugal's energy future," said Piero del Maso, joint chief executive of Catavento, a Portuguese renewable energy company involved in the project.

"Serpa must not be a single case but a true starting point for solar power in Portugal."

The Alentejo Region of Portugal is truly beautiful.

There are cork trees that grow in that region

that represent the soul of sustainability.

Almost all of the trees are numbered and catalogued

as they are periodically skinned

for the cork from their bark.

When they are peeled,

they radiate in the yellow sun

as if they are glad to be part of the glorious process

of wine making.

This solar plant will surely radiate in the yellow sun,

certainly glad to be part of the glorious process

of healing the earth.

As the saying goes,

you should make the hay while the Sun shines.

It is a starting point.


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*picture of former largest PV Plant


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A message from him who can't make Blogger work. Anyway as Igor I been there and it is as you say most wonderful and I believe the Portuguese won't destroy the place or they will at least try not too, and they have the best anchovies stuffed with olives in the world. And the bootleg wine is to die for. Go there and breath deeply the frsh air.

These were the guys that started all this you know, sailing off to Africa to grab up the Blacks to make them work for nothing. Not the nicest people in the world but I like um a lot and when I was in Angola they were good at watching your back. We (Lyndon) needed that rail line from Katanga to Lobitos open and their gunships did a great job so our F-4s could napalm the jungle. Of course the South Africans and Mike Hoare helped quite a lot along with out enemies the REF.

Doesn't make sense does it?


5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is good news. It is interesting that Portugal should become a leader in this effort. .

It wasn't until I opened your post that I realized that it was 60606. I was my son's birthday. I appreciate this mystical info.

My drivers license starts with that number. During a superstitious moment, in regards to the mark of the beast, I tried to change it, but the rigamarole associated was ridiculous. I can now choose to associate this number with the magic square of the sun.


7:29 AM  

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