Sunday, June 04, 2006

Thank You for Polluting

Over the last twenty something years, I have often marveled at how the issue of global warming tended to become a political issue.

It shouldn't be.

I suspect that if a fire started in a theatre, that even the most R of Rs would see it and begin to react appropriately. They wouldn't say that it was the management trying to save money by not finishing the show. I doubt if they would demonize the manager who warned them of their impending peril. They wouldn't ask a blind person if he could see the fire. And they wouldn't ask the chair if it smelled smoke.

They would get their stuff and get moving.

Somehow, the fire we have on this planet called Global Warming is different.

Perhaps the right wingers smell big goverment and perhaps they sense that the solution will be a bridle on the unbridled carbon economy that presently drives their real religion.

These thoughts capture my thoughts pretty well.

Whatever happened to the Republican Party of Teddy Roosevelt, a political party distinguished by its forward-looking environmental policy? Today, we have the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) urging its 200,000 student members on 1500 campuses to hold beach parties to mock the threat of global warming.

If this is representative of the generation that is going to inherit the earth, the earth is in trouble big-time.

Here is the College Republican web site.

You will notice that the lead story is the snow cone stand at Oklahoma.

Run a Global Cooling Snow Cone Stand

"Freeze out cataclysmic environmental scare tactics with a little humor. The Oklahoma University College Republicans gave out free snow cones to students for an event they called "Global Cooling Day."

Stage an event like this one to grab the attention of your campus and raise awareness on the falsities of the global warming phenomenon. Engage with students and debunk some of the myths and cool the hyperbole surrounding the issue.

OU CRs simultaneously used the event to promote their first meeting, sign-up members, and sell CR shirts. A tent and tables were set up at the busiest spot on campus, and OU CRs gave away nearly 1,000 snow cones each day.

Prior to your "Global Cooling Day" event, arm your College Republican chapter with solid talking points on the issue, and then kick-back and enjoy the sun.

The facts are on your side."

In fact of course, they are not.

A little further down in the site, you will see that one of the sources of these" so called facts" is Dr. Jay Lehr.

"Dr. Jay Lehr is an internationally known scientist, motivational speaker, and author. He is considered the world’s leading authority on groundwater hydrology. Dr. Lehr has spoken before more than 1,000 audience on topics ranging from global warming and biotechnology to business management. Dr. Lehr is Science Director for the Heartland Institute, a non-profit think tank based in Chicago, Illinois, and he’s ready to speak to your College Republican chapter! "

Now if you follow the Heartland Link, you will find the source of these so called facts.

As I perused the site, I thought to myself, "these guys must have come from the Tobacco Institute". Then I saw the link on the left of the site called the Smokers Lounge.

This is rich.

"Welcome to the Smoker’s Lounge, the place to go for sound science, economics, and legal commentary on tobacco issues. This “issue suite” cuts through the propaganda and exaggeration of anti-smoking groups by giving you access to the best available research and commentary from scores of independent research organizations, publications, and government sources.

There are many reasons to be skeptical about what professional anti-smoking advocates say. They personally profit by exaggerating the health threats of smoking and winning passage of higher taxes and bans on smoking in public places. The anti-smoking movement is hardly a grassroots phenomenon: It is largely funded by taxpayers and a few major foundations with left-liberal agendas."

I wonder if the College Republicans also disregard the warnings on smoking?

Perhaps in the world of Darwin,

this will all work out.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post oz. MS

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the college republican site seems to be straight out of the Onion.

But,,,, it is real.


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