Monday, June 05, 2006

The World Union

You may have missed this story in today's headlines.

World Union Forms
By Max Stamp
Dateline: July 2, 2016

Representatives from all over the Planet gathered together today to celebrate the official creation and dedication of the World Union.

In an unprecedented show of solidarity, the 12,000 elected participants joined hands creating a quarter mile human circle around the center podium of the now famous Great Sphere.

The Great Sphere, which was inspired by Buckminster Fuller, is the new home of the Union and is, for all practical matters, the new Capitol of the World.

Unlike other capitol buildings however, the Great Sphere floats on the oceans and is therefore not connected to any land mass, or to the territory of any of the former nations.

“The scale of this dome is so breathtaking, sometimes tears simply stream from my eyes when I walk in”, remarked Jabul Mossad, a representative from the former state of Israel.

“The light, the sense of reverence in this place is simply miraculous,” Jabul continued. “Michaelangelo would be jealous”.

Participants will begin the day signing the new World Charter which will create the basis for the cooperative agreements between the various city states, rural alliances, cyber states, and other cooperative associations that have ratified the formal principals of the Union.

Once they have been sworn in as World Ministers, they will move into the Great Hall to begin the First World Congress.

One of the more difficult issues facing the Ministers is providing relief to the former United States, where roving bands of militant right wing militias still roam with impunity.

“We are hopeful that we can send enough food to those innocent souls who have been caught between these few last remaining pockets of violence and hatred left on the planet,” said Lionel Solis, one of 20 representatives from the global cyberstate Pangea.

“Like Rome 1500 years ago, empires become very unruly when they collapse,” said Mr. Solis.

“We will all work very hard to bring peace to this troubled land.”

“Max, Max,”

“What baby?”

“You were laughing.”

“In my sleep?”


“What were you dreaming?”

“Go back to sleep Sweetie”

Jeanelle plumps her pillow and looks over at the alarm.

She looks over at me and makes that look.

There is still a lot of night yet.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the image.

Looks like the opening scene of Beyond Star Wars, or is it Beyond Bush - a floating headquarters of the World Union - roving bands of militant right wing militias evokes a scary image - righteousness in the name of the lord.

Are you heading to Hollywood?

Short scenes of Janelle and Max as they move through time.

Fun read. Serious subject.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a verse in the Bible wehre everyone talked in their own languages and they all understood each other. There is also the tower of Babel. Contratdictions. As long as people are hungry there will be no World Union. This whole idea is made up of a bunch of intellectuals who have never been to the Sahara and suffere 140 degree heat and drank water from a small puddle filled with swimming bugs. The drought kills people by the dozens, nay thousands. Somalia has fallen to the Isalmists, all those Republican dollars used to stabilize the place are in Sitzerland. Afganistan is going back to the Taliban because under them there was some order. Iraq is in collapse. World Order is a dream that only happens in 1930's Disney Cartoons. Forget it, lock and load and make sure you have enough ammunition to hold off the hoards.


5:17 AM  

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