Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sporty Prophecy

I had just finished my work out, when I overheard the bartender say to another employee that "he likes to call them as he sees them." I looked at him as if to say, "please, spare us". He strategicly preemptively responded, "I find it's best to speak only in sport metaphors these days."

Perhaps he's right. I'm not as good at this as others, but here is my shot at it.

It was the bottom of the ninth.

The clock was running down.

The two minute warning was upon us.

And sudden death seemed imminent.

The team in the black jerseys comes to the scrimmage line,

knowing that the "Hail Mary" is their only prayer.

The defense goes into a prevent to run out the clock.

Then the team in possession calls their final time out.

Coach Rove signals the play from the sidelines.

It's another curve ball that breaks away at the plate.

And he manages to salvage his par.

Meanwhile his fouls are ignored by the referee.

and his offensive line coach gets 2 minutes in the penalty box.

The guys in the white jerseys seem to be on the ropes.

Coach, uh, what coach.

CRACK, it's a hard hit fly ball headed for deep right field.

This could be a sacrifice to advance the runners for the score.

It's going to be close , which we all know

only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades, and slow dancing.

The managers are restless in the challenger's corner

They look like they are looking for the towel,

if they can't make it to the bell, and get their cut man in.

Coach Rove smiles as if he as an ace up his sleeve.

He runs right up the baseline with his trade mark slam dunk.

But then the long fly ball to right field,

is snagged by the veteran from Tennessee,

who hits a perfect positioning long shot

and sinks the treacherous, left breaking putt for his eagle,

which completes the shut out,

just before the game is called because of foul weather.

Next season their veterans will retire,

and our rookies will have another season

under their belt.

And we will have the home field advantage.

And the World Cup won't be so empty.


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