Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Light of Day

Today marks the beginning of the Third Year of Earthfamilyalpha.

When I first started, many of us were shaken by another election.

Now, many of us are encouraged by the recent one.

The first year will likely be named "after midnight",

not just because that year was as politically dark as any I have known,

but also because I found myself writing the bulk of the stories

somewhere between one and three in the morning.

As the second year came along, my schedule changed,

and I began to write very early in the morning, as the sun rose.

I imagine that the second year will therefore be named,

"Before the Dawn".

Now, in this synthetic third year, as the realities of

climate change and resource depletion begin to sink into the

minds and consciousness of even the darkest corners of our brethren,

I suspect that this year will likely be called the "Light Of Day".

For it will be this year that

many things will be brought from the shadows of secrecy and deceit.

In this year,

I hope to gain more contributors to earthfamilyalpha.

If you would like to be one of those contributors, just e mail me.

I hope to report about more solar advancements and deployments,

I hope to find more advances in ultra capacitors

and other state of the art storage devices.

I hope to share and comment on how the World has Awakened,

That the Challenges that lie before us have been recognized,

And why we must now cooperate globally to meet these challenges.

Al Gore recently said

"At stake is nothing less than the survival of human civilisation"

Soon enough, most all of us will know this truth,

Even in Oklahoma.


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