Friday, June 08, 2007

Change to Preserve

So how does the financial sector read yesterday's G8 agreement on climate change? Here is Bloomberg.

World Looks Beyond Bush Presidency to Set Greenhouse Gas Limits
By Kim Chipman
June 8 (Bloomberg)

President George W. Bush succeeded in side-stepping mandatory greenhouse gas emission caps at this week's Group of Eight meeting. He didn't prevent other countries from laying the groundwork for carbon dioxide limits once he's gone, political observers and environmentalists say.

World leaders "most definitely are looking beyond this administration to get any kind of hard cap on carbon,'' said Christine Todd Whitman, Bush's first administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The U.S., the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitter, blocked an attempt to include in a G-8 agreement a pledge to cut global warming pollution in half by 2050, even as the European Union and Japan vowed to go ahead and start their own emissions reductions. Instead, the U.S. agreed it would "consider seriously'' such measures and take part in international talks to craft a new treaty on climate change by 2009, the year Bush leaves office.

"`In the short run, President Bush was the winner of this round,'' said Philip Clapp, president of the National Environmental Trust, a nonprofit advocacy group based in Washington.

"In the long run, what really happened here is that Germany, Japan and the U.K. started to construct a consensus about what the next binding international agreement should look like in preparation for his departure,'' Clapp said in a phone interview from Heiligendamm, Germany, where leaders of both the G-8 industrialized nations and developing countries such as China, India and Brazil are meeting this week. more

"In the short run, Bush is the winner of the round."

That pretty much says it all. These reporters think this is a game or a prize fight... Just like the premature debates to replace Bush are treated. Our news has been sportitized. Everything is a game or a round or an inning. The graveness of these decisions is thus marginalized into the wide world of political sport.

It's as if the heart doctor comes into the room after the surgery and reports and tells the new widow, "Well we lost that round."

"But Dr. this is not a game, my husband just died."

But in truth, perhaps for the second time in this administration, I agree with Bush.

Mandatory Carbon limits is not a solution.

It is a recipe for catastrophic failure.

It will bring carbon allotments, and carbon regulations that rob us of our freedoms.

And, If you think the"war on terror" has eroded our civil liberties, imagine what the "war on carbon" emissions can do.

Mandatory Carbon limits is not a solution.

It is at best a metric.

We must instead inact a Global Climate Stabilization Premium which operates as the global gatekeeper for emitting carbon into the environment.

With these huge sums of money, we do away with our own payroll tax and we make hundreds of billions of dollars available to incent the development of inexpensive power paints and other photon to electron devices. We plow this money into the large scale deployment of ultra capacitors and other solid state energy storage devices. We build a global unfied energy web that provides inexpensive non carbon emitting energy to everyone on the globe.

With no resources to defend, we can take a portion of the trillions that we spend on the military industrial complex and apply it to a new kind of defense, a new kind of preemption. We drop our immoral notions of preemptive war and instead adopt a preemptive defense strategy that rips out the roots of our conflicts.

To paraphrase Einstein, "We can not solve the climate problem with the same mind and tools that created it."

We have the ability to change the world,

even as we act boldly to preserve it.

We must change ourselves to preserve ourselves.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, right, Bush "wins" and the prestige and reputation of the US continues to erode in the eyes of the world.

That should give his "soulmate" Putin cause for celebration.

1:20 PM  

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