Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mind the Gap

We made our way down from Soho to Knightsbridge today.
Oxford Street was packed,
so we walked down Piccadilly instead.
When we got to Green Park,
we strolled in the low bright sun,
even though it was just barely after one.

London green space goes from St. James
to Green to Hyde to Kensington,
an area of miles, not blocks.
But even on this rare sunny day in December,
the crowds are in the stores.

At Harrods, they were having a sale,
and according to the advertising,
there is "only One sale".
And I think a large part of the City believed it.

Inside was a torrent of well dressed style seekers.
No, not a torrent,
a flood of shoppers,
as if it was the final sporting event of the season.

We eyed the 25 dollar 2.2 pound French chicken

in the gourmet food section.
But is wasn't even cooked.

We slipped through the crush of furs and prams,
gladly thanking the well dressed security man,
for opening the door to the brisk air outside,
and the New York rush hour sidewalk crowds.

There were a few just outside of the tube station,
who were holding signs
and handing out tracts
about the furs for sale inside.
But they were but drops in this sea of sales.

We found the Cafe Rouge,
and ate our Croquet Monseur
and our Filo Pastry of spinach and mushrooms.
With the two Vin de Pays house wines,
we enjoyed our first meal for under 100 dollars.

All the prices on the menus look a little high,
except that they are in pounds.

A Cheeseburger at TGIF was 23 dollars.

We made our way back in the tubes.
First the green line to Embankment,
then the blue line to Goodge Street.
We were back in our Hotel in 25 minutes.

When the tube train doors open
You are reminded to
"mind the gap".

Internet here in the Hotel is 30 dollars a day,
but it is free in most of the coffee shops.

We're going to the Theatre in a bit.
The History Boys.

Plenty of that here you know.

Plenty of future here too.

More on that later.


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