Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fullering Around

When we left the Hotel Rathbone,
it was just a 5 minute cab ride to the San Pancras Station.
The old English style cab sported a Flat screen TV
Complete with passenger controls on each door.
We could have watched CNN International, if we could bare it.

There we claimed our tickets from a computer terminal.
Pass port control took seconds.
The security check was quick and reasonably sensible.
Once in the modern station, we enjoyed double expressos
While we waited for the on-time Euro Star train.

After boarding, we shot out of the station almost immediately,
Approaching speeds well over 180 mile per hour.
As we watched the rolling green English hillside fly by,
We bought a hot sandwich and small bottle of wine.

After 40 minutes or so, we slowed down just a bit.
Outside, we could see the facilities of the Eurotunnel.
It was hard to tell our speed as we made the trip
Under the English Channel to France,
But it was fast and very smooth.

After an hour of watching the French countryside,
The outskirts of Paris appeared,
And within moments we were coming into Gare Du Norde.
We paid to freshen up at the super clean Mc Toilet,
(I’m not kidding, even though the French probably are)

We bought a garland of metro tickets from the ticket booth
With the British flag hanging in the window.
He explained that the metro tickets and the RER tickets are identical.
We took the RER from the train station to Denfert-Rochereau.
Even though we went from the north side of Paris
To the 14th on the south side, it was only 5 stops.

We arrived at the fine old station at Denfert Rochereau.
Our Hotel was not just near, it was across the street.
The manager, ( a friend of a friend) had it all arranged.
Our keys and our room were waiting for us.
We didn’t even register.

The first thing I noticed as I stuck my head out of
One of the two large windows in the well lit room
Was the array of small poles with green lights below.
Connected to each pole was a really cool looking bike.
It was the new Paris bike program.

It was Sunday and Sunday in Paris means dinner with
Jim Haynes.

I had not seen my old friend in 9 years.
Last time we shared time together,
He was still Professor of “media studies”
At the University of Paris.
Jim has been hosting his Artistic-Literary Soirees
for the Paris International Community
for over 30 year now.

I bought a new copy of his
Workers of the World Unite
And stop working

In it, he speaks of a new word to replace the verb to work,
With a new word “to fuller
In honoring Buckminster Fuller,

Jim offers that
We create the verb “to fuller” and the noun “a fuller”
Along with the adjectives “fuller” and “fullering”.

He defines a worker as someone
who burns up energy
And fullers are those that enjoy
what they are doing.

In his inscription in the new book Jim penned:
"Never, repeat never, work!! "

On page 19 of Workmen Unite, Jim says,

Each person must learn self respect. If I like what am doing and if what I am doing is causing no one else pain, I deserve your respect because I am part of this madness called humanity. We must start respecting people for themselves, for their humanity and not for what they are or what they control. For far too long we have respected power and position more than usefulness and humanity.”

Instead of putting a little idea in a big book,
Jim puts a big idea in a little book.
One that everyone might read, digest, ponder,
And act upon.

It’s a bright clear day today.
And we’re off to meet Jim for lunch.
And a day of fullering around.
"We should do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest." Buckminster Fuller

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing as you travel..It's about the only way I'll get to, since I'm working all the time! Sigh. But I'm glad you are enjoying yourself, and you inspire me. Thanks again!

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like you got that bike you wanted for Christmas!

Thanks for the traveling news,
Mo Ro
Neosho, MO

8:16 AM  

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