Monday, February 25, 2008

The Approaching Storm

Over the weekend, I received this piece from David Tattershall. I wrote about the perfect storm back in January of 05, but David's serves as a nice update.

The Perfect Economic Storm

Last weekend was the anniversary of the IPCC report from Paris: the conclusions of, and the interference surrounding that report became contentious issues in the following months. The bottom-line of the report (for me) was that the Arctic Summer Sea Ice was forecast to remain until 2100+ and all other events linked were scheduled accordingly.

Analysis of existing data by a high school math teacher would have revealed a minimum 30-40 year error. By the end of the 2007 melt season in the Arctic, that error grew to 40-50 years, i.e., it was accelerating or in mathematical terms, there was a distinct curve in the climate. Any sign of a curve in the climate is the equivalent of someone having their finger on the launch button for real WMD’s: it’s simply a matter of time in other words because we cannot negotiate with nature - we could however start to act sensibly.

James Hansen attempted to bring to the attention of the world the necessity to act and understand why the report was not in the best interest of anyone-bar those consumed with BAU (business-as-usual). The bottom-line is that while a mere handful of people relative to the population of the US refuse to accept the dire nature of matters and effectively block relevant information, we are now on schedule to kill a minimum of several hundred million, maybe more, in the next 4-5 years.

Personally I find this morally repugnant and as a national security issue, the ramifications are quite beyond the imagination of most.

I highly recommend that you look at James Hansen’s most recent slide show, and note from the first slide that James Hansen is ‘under orders’ to ensure he states this is his ‘personal opinion’.

A measure of the suppression of free speech can be found by reading this report from‘The Sunday Times’. The ‘Sunday Times’ is one of the most respected newspapers in the world. When did you read or see anything of this nature from the U.S. MSM?

The Arctic Summer Sea Ice will disappear on or before 2012 and when it does, the climate will be destabilized to the point where mass agriculture is potentially close to impossible. It is hard to imagine anyone not noticing the increase already in the price of food due to international crop failures.

It is about to get critical and many millions on the very edge of survival will starve to death because we simply couldn’t be bothered to moderate our approach to resource consumption.

The impact on the economy is obvious, while the potential impact on anti American sentiment around the world is equally obvious.

Still, Washington continues to either suppress or avoid the issue: should anyone be surprised?

I thought that the title of James Hansen’s presentation was very apt, but when combined with another piece from ‘The Sunday Times,’ it becomes ‘The Perfect Economic Storm’.

For several years, those who have tracked and forecast this event have been vilified as alarmists. I find it impossible to believe that former US Energy Secretary Dr James Schlesinger doesn’t both know and doesn't understand exactly what is happening: whether you like the guy or not, he was known for a very thorough approach.

So add together the financial impact of rising food with rising energy and a point blank refusal to address either issue and you have the perfect economic storm. It has already started and due to utter and total control of politics and the media by the BAU interests, we will all face the consequence.

I have to wonder what it will take for people to simply decide that things could be a whole lot better, and that we owe the children of the world a much better performance than this." (end)

We had a good conversation about this with some folks before the Obama rally the other night. What will it take before we actually begin to deal with this issue?

When the head of GM still calls climate change a total crock of s#it, and an anticlimate change conference is coming up in March, I suspect that it will take more than "warnings of an approaching storm".

It will take the actual storm.

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