Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Good President

Even as a C student, National Guard drop out, it would have been hard to predict just how bad a president GW has been. But, I never did his chart. I just know he is a Cancer. (July 6th , 1946)
Consequently, we decided to look up the ephemeris for August 4th, 1961 last night. After that, we ran it through an interpretation site. When the free sample version said that "you could be a good politician, spokesperson, group leader, director, or coach", I decided we better go on and spend the $7.96 to get a little more info. Here are some of the more enteresting aspects:

Sun in Leo:

Proud and intensely individual, you really want to stand out, to be the very best you can be, and to be recognized and appreciated for your unique contributions. Doing something well and being respected for it is extremely important to you, and you cannot tolerate being in the background, taking orders from others, or being "just one of the team". You must put your personal stamp on whatever you do, and direct your own course in life. You need to have a place where you can shine, express yourself creatively, and be the one in charge.

You have big dreams and the determination, spirit, vitality, and enthusiasm to bring them into being. You also have a noble, romantic heart, and a love of the dramatic, colorful, and extravagant.

For you it is true that "all the world's a stage" and you secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) desire to be the Star or Hero in the play. You want to be great, and to receive the love and applause of an adoring audience, even if the "audience" is just one other special person. You need someone to believe in you and your dreams.

Sun Square Neptune:

You are extremely sensitive and imaginative, and you can get lost in your dreams, fantasies, and visions. You are attracted to artistic and creative pursuits, the world of color, beauty, and emotion. You are also drawn to mysticism and have deep spiritual aspirations and yearnings.

Sun Conjunct Mercury/Uranus

You may be a bit high-strung and over-zealous in the pursuit of your endeavors. You always seem to be in a hurry and have the ability to evaluate situations quickly. You have a brilliant mind and possibly could invent something.

Sun Conjunct Venus/Mars

Both sensitive and sensuous, you blend charm and energy. You have a healthy sexuality and a good balance between activity and passivity. You may be fond of singing, dancing, music and drama.

Moon in Taurus

You are generally very romantic and your affections are strong, deep, and unwavering. Since Taurus is a practical earth sign, the placement of the Moon in this sign suggests an ability to protect your self and your interests. You will rarely make a move without first determining that it is safe and that its good for you and your interests.

Mercury in Leo:

You are a person of strong opinions and you express your views energetically and often dramatically. You are an entertaining speaker and will embellish or exaggerate in order to get your point across. You have an aptitude for storytelling and performing.

Uranus Conjunct Sun/Pluto

You have a great need to make changes in your life and to break away from circumstances that hold you back. You are not likely to be very patient and feel that you know what is best. You tend to force yourself to work until physical exhaustion.

Venus in Cancer:

Sensitive and sentimental, you are deeply attached to your family, old friends, familiar places, and the past. You are romantic and tender in love, and the remembrance of birthdays, anniversaries, family rituals, and other days of personal significance is very important to you.

Mars in Virgo:

You are a perfectionist and have high standards for your own work. You often feel that if you want something done right you must do it yourself, for others do not do as thorough a job as you do. Doing a task well is very important to you, and you may labor over minute details that others wouldn't bother with. You strive for accuracy, efficiency, and precision, and you become very irritable when things are not done "right".

Mars Trine Saturn:

You possess the gifts of endurance and perseverance, the willingness to work hard and seriously to achieve your objectives.

Jupiter in Aquarius:

Your strength lies in your ability to be innovative, open to new progressive concepts, willing to experiment and to reject customs and traditions when they cease to serve any positive function in the present. Also, you have an expansive view of the world, one that includes humanity and not only your own small, personal circle.

Saturn in Capricorn:

You have a great capacity for self-denial in the pursuit of a long-range goal.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn:

Your aspirations and dreams are always tempered by realism and practical considerations. You pursue your aims in a systematic, disciplined, and thorough manner, and you are willing to take your time, advancing slowly and steadily on your way to your goal.

Pluto in Virgo:

You are part of a 15 year group of people that are driven by the need to find an ethical standard and a clear sense of what is right and what is wrong. There is a subconscious drive to straighten out all the world's evils and create a world of perfect order.

Neptune in Scorpio:

You are part of a 14 year group of people that have very intense psychic sensitivity and imagination. Your age group is very attracted to the strange, weird, and unusual.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

The entire generation to which you belong has tremendous opportunities for spiritual rebirth and awakening. This will not be forced upon you or precipitated by unavoidable events, rather it comes from an inner yearning and a natural propensity to seek the depths.

Uranus in Leo:
You are part of a 7 year group of people who are unusually self-willed, proud, and egotistical. You are a group that defies authority and insists on having its own way. Parents and school teachers found that it was extremely difficult to discipline your age group.

Governments that are repressive to individual expression and freedom meet a great deal of resistance from your age group, and you tend to rise up against any form of tyranny and oppressive rule.

We know what a bad president looks and feels like.

Surely, it's the time and the place

for The Good President

And this looks very good indeed.

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