Saturday, March 01, 2008

The 38th Time

What Congressman understands Peak Oil better than the rest of his colleagues?

Maybe someone like Lloyd Doggett, or some other D?

My vote would go to Roscoe Bartlett.

And fan me and pour cold water on me,

He's a Republican.

If you've got the time, watch him lecture Congress (video )

for the 38th time.

We need to ride the slide as community.



Blogger oZ said...

The Bartlett video is crashing my computer, so I pulled it.The Energy Policy video site is acting weird.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peak Oil. I am interested in my own lack of reaction to the threat posed to my daily life and well being by the peak oil situation. It reminds me of a confrontation I had with my addiction to cigarettes in the 60's. I was sitting in my office contemplating what my doctor had just told me about smoking. I had asked him if smoking would give me cancer,
he said he didn't know but he could give me a 100% guarantee that if I continued I would have emphysema considering
my history of asthma.

Why on earth was I continuing on this self destructive course of action? Having observed a relative that died of emphysema, doing something that would cause emphysema was not an option I would sooner step in front of a bus.
Did I believe my doctor was right, that I would get emphysema if I continued to smoke? After twenty minutes of intense introspection I could not muster even the slightest doubt that he was correct.

All of a sudden I was in an air tight logic box faced with two diametrically opposed propositions that were both unacceptable. Quit smoking, unacceptable. Emphysema, equally unacceptable. I looked down at the cigarette that I
had removed from the pack and thought, this cigarette is not going to going to give me emphysema I can smoke it and
life will go on as usual and by tomorrow this irresolvable crisis will have passed. Fortunately my mind could not swallow the lie. Every cigarette is the "next cigarette" in one continuous chain until the final "next cigarette" ends the game. This was my realization and at that moment I was done with smoking.

Today's blog is like my long ago visit to the doctor. The blog made it inescapable clear that my oil addiction is going to ruin my life style, if not my life. But there the analogy falters. Avoiding the unwanted consequence of smoking was within my control I knew what to do if I had the will to do it, but I don't know what to do about my use of gasoline and other petroleum
products. If I decide never again to use another gallon of gas or petroleum product I will be so marginalized that I will not
be an effective player in addressing this fast approaching human catastrophe that will manifest in so many ways from
economic collapse to climate collapse.

Well, this analysis has answered my question of why I didn't jump up from my computer and begin to depetroluemize my life, but I find little comfort in the answer. I will continue in an incremental way to do what I can, but something more is needed, I wish I new what. I am pulling for Oz to change the world.


7:19 PM  

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