Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hell on Earth

Just a while ago, I got an email from legislative affairs informing me that the "R"s had once again blocked SB 3335, the crucial legislation that continues the encouragement of the development of our post carbon resources.

It's hard to know just what is running through the minds of those who block the changes we must make in order to deal with the changes we have brought upon ourselves. Sure, the "Rs" have managed to make their party the "party of Wall Street" and the home of the corporate psycho. But in the past, they at least did it with a vague understanding of the fable of the "Golden Goose".

But it seems that these days, the "Rs" have narrowed their constituency to the oil companies and the MIC, and so even "the goose" is getting it too. Here's the story from the AP:

GOP blocks action on tax, renewable energy package
By JIM ABRAMS – 2 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — For the fourth time this summer Republicans stopped the Senate from taking up wide-ranging legislation that extends tax breaks for teachers, businesses and parents and provides tax credits to an array of renewable energy entrepreneurs.

Major business groups, usual GOP allies, have implored Congress to act on the tax credits, many which expired at the end of last year or will run out at the end of this year. But for many Republicans, it's a matter or principle and politics: many oppose what they say are new tax increases to pay for parts of the package and nearly all say the Senate's only business now is acting on an energy bill that promotes drilling and other measures to boost domestic oil supply.

The White House, citing new taxes and other objections to the bill, threatened a presidential veto.

The vote Wednesday was 51-43, nine short of the 60 needed to begin floor debate.

"All the Republicans want to do is not pay for anything and we know the House would not accept that," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., anticipating the defeat.

But Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said his party sees a "need to dispose of the pending energy bill to help bring down the price of gas at the pump before turning to other matters."

The bill would extend some $18 billion worth of renewable energy tax credits, helping out investors in wind and solar power, clean coal, plug-in electric vehicles and a variety of others.
Last month more than 300 high-tech and manufacturing companies warned Congress that failure to act quickly "will bring investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to a standstill."

Greg Wetstone of the American Wind Energy Association said Tuesday that his industry risks losing $11 billion in investment and 75,000 jobs if the tax credit expires next year."

By most measures, those who are doing this are insane.

They have created their own reality where climate change is not real or a looming threat to the health of the world and the nation. They refuse to listen to one of their own in the house, who has made many thoughtful and well documented presentations on the reality and threat of Peak Oil. Thus, they believe that opening up new federal lands to drilling will actually lower oil prices.

They believe in protecting the unborn, but they seem to have no problem in murdering them once they leave the hospital if they happen to live where our oil is.

They believe only in raw power and in their own lies.

They think that only they are going to heaven

and that everyone else is going to hell.

In the meantime, they are doing a dang good job

of making a Hell on Earth.



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