Saturday, June 10, 2017

Humberto Fernandez

Humberto Fernandez Tristan ended his walk on this plane of existence on Monday, June 5th at around 7:30.  Those who knew and loved him will miss him and his remarkable character greatly.

Last week, Charlie Loving and I flew to San Luis Potosi, rented a car, and drove to Matehuala.  There we found Humberto outside his house in a screened in tent with plywood floors underneath a large pecan tree.  He was reclining in a beefed up anti-gravity chair with a foamy finger mattress underneath him.  He was really thin and his legs were down to the bone.  Even so, with his flower lai and dark glasses on, he was cool.

The scene was beautiful.  Humberto was surrounded by his dogs, the birds, and most importantly his loving family.  There were water fountains giving off soft soothing sounds into the traffic free air.  There were flowers that made the air almost sweet.  Inside the tent, Humberto spoke in a very low voice.  Almost every word was thankfulness and how privileged he was to have had such a good life.

There was no fear in his voice.  He told us he would see us on the other side. For about 90 seconds, his spirit arose and he spoke as if he might arise out of the chair.

We kissed and held his hands and stayed for about an hour.

As Charlie and I drove up the mountain, we tried to absorb what we had just experienced.  We were clear that Humberto was somewhere between the beginning of the end and the end of the end.

Four days later, close to midnight, I heard someone come into the courtyard door and come up the stairs.  It was his older daughters, Dawn and Melodia.

They came in and told me...."Daddy passed away at around sunset."

The next day, we went down the mountain and to his house.  We picked up Cornelia and took her to the crematorium where Humberto's body had been taken earlier in the morning.  There we met with Humberto's three brothers and two sisters, his two older daughters, and some of their cousins.

Within a few hours, Humberto's ashes arrived in one of his beautiful Huichole bags.  It was still warm.  We formed a circle as we each held his remains, some of us holding and kissing the remains of the man who had such an extraordinary walk through this world.

He is surely flying through another one now.

On New Years Eve last year, I interviewed Humberto at his house in Catorce.   You can see why Don Humberto will be so missed by so many.

I hope that others who love and have been loved by Humberto will post their experiences with Humberto in the comments.

Plans are being made right now for a celebration of his life in Real de Catorce. They will include a procession to Quemado and later to the old church grounds. It looks like the date is June 20th.

If you want to go from Texas, let me know.


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