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Four in the Morning














With all of the news about War and Sickness, I have been up quite a lot at four in the morning.  So far I have about 100 pages of these Four Word Haikus.  So this is just a small sample.  The full work will be released in the not so distant future as Four in the Morning.


Right livelihood is fundamental


Honesty builds the soul


Courage lets us explore


Kindness heals us all


Humility makes us human


Thinking gives us time


Time comes from thought


Philosophy is a Playground


Religion is not easy


Progress is an Illusion


Illusion is what isn’t


Make time for Noting


Take Walks every day


Make Doors in Divisions


Always look out Windows


Let the light in


Learn to read well


Learn to listen quietly


Don’t tempt the Gods


Hold your love gently


Break your habits daily


Speak often with Neighbors


Cast your spells carefully


Sing when you can


Dance to the Beat


Travel as a Traveler


Stand tall with allies


Be busy while Alone


Find fault if wise


Look out for corners


Make roads that last


Fight Fire with Water


Move Mountains with Belief


Have Mercy on yourself


Be kind when angry


Look the other Way


Reach out to Strangers


Don’t ever stop Believing


Watch the grass grow


Wait your turn patiently


Continue with your madness


Remember who you are


Find strength in Holiness


Some Rivers are deep


Always marvel at rain


We come from Dirt


Four Words  Book Two


Find your good side


Let the other wither


Pride rarely works well


If the road forks


Take it with courage


Learn to moon walk


Become a good magician


Wander aimlessly on occasion


If you can’t sleep


Do something that matters


Work on people skills


Squeaky wheels get grease


Sometimes they get replaced


Be a good loser


Be a better winner


Set your goals daily


Don’t eat too much


Remember to remember names


Don’t burn many bridges


If you hurt someone


Try to fix it


Stay fit when old


Take adventures when young


Don’t ever be afraid


Make fear an ally


Always see the stars


Keep your friends close


And your enemies closer


Learn that jealousy corrodes


Be strong when weakened


Be gentle when strong


Art that is best


Is often said least


Men have hard hearts


But they bleed easily


Children must be nurtured


Especially when they’re old


Good parents are impermanent


Learn to hear yourself


Particularly when you’re talking


Learn to visualize outcomes


Give Peace a Chance


Violence is very effective


But the shadow lingers



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