Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mind Wash

I had lunch last Friday with a really smart guy

from a really successful, large high tech company.

After we finished, he mentioned something about the Super Bowl.

I was embarassed to admit that I didn't know who was playing.

So, I watched it.

It seemed harmless enough.

But I was wrong.

There is way too much bad progamming in those sights and sounds.

I feel like I have a really bad hangover.

In case you did the same thing,

here are some recommendations.

Don't jump out of plane without a parachute for beer.

In fact, don't jump out of plane at all.

Don't honor war and killing.

It has a really bad track record for leading to peace.

Don't buy a car unless it is a plug in hybrid.

Don't buy into a culture that glorifies material possessions.

Don't buy into a way of thinking

that keeps you from thinking.

Don't buy into the "we bring good things" corporate myth.

Don't buy into the myth of the hegemony of competition.

Everyone in the whole performance was cooperating.

The teams, the fans, the announcers, and advertisers,

and they were all connected.

They were cooperating together,

because like Howard Beale says,

Together, they are in the boredom killing business.

In fact, dump everthing that came your into eyes and ears,

and into your brain,

and realize that it was chalked full of really bad metaprogramming.

You are not a car, a camera, a beer brand, a flag,

or an aging rock n roll star.

You are you.

So don't watch TV anymore, ever.

Don't read any newspapers again, at least for while.

Forget the Republicans,

Let them do what they are going to do.

Go walk in the mountains for days and days.

And kill your boredom on your own.

After a while, you will realize,

who you are.

And you will come back

to Earth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't watch television. At all.
It is nothing more than a huge propoganda machine. Even Public TV is now dominated by corporate speak.

7:46 AM  
Blogger oZ said...

I must admit, I do watch the news hour on PBS while I run in the gym. it is the best of the worst.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what kind of society would you prefer? seems like what we have now is better than anything else.

9:56 AM  
Blogger oZ said...

how would you know?

I think the forcing elements that confront our race will show us a better way.

a society based on cooperation, equality, justice, freedom, and love would be a nice place to start.

11:24 AM  

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