Monday, July 03, 2006

Going Out

When I go out of my 200 year old stone house

and walk down the hill over the temporarily destroyed stone streets,

(they are so because of the great underground electric project

which has seized the pueblo for months but hopefully not years)

There is no telling who I might meet and chat with.

Today, it was Charlie.

He is German, at least midde aged, and an accomplished artist.

We sat outside the coffee shop just below the Casa Moneda

and we drank our coffee while enjoying apple postres.

"What are we going to do with ourselves" he said.

And with those words, we were off into the hinterlands of

human thought and our collective experience.

Often, we would be interrupted by the many passerbys.

The men would shake with a bounce of the closed fist,

then a brisk swipe of the palms, and a quick finger embrace.

I tried to answer his question positively,

telling him the story about the day that I went into my boss's office,

and told him that I thought the plug in hybrid was perhaps the

transportation appliance we were looking for,

And that, in less than three years, I heard the words

in the POTUS's State of the Union,

and now, just in the last month, Toyota, Ford, and General Motors

have indicated they are moving forward with their development.

That gives me hope.

I told him that if the project I am following right now,

which is an ultra cap project, turns out to be real,

that the World will change,

and we could soon say goodbye to almost everything we have known.

The world would become electrified like never before

as electrical fuel replaces carbon fuel as surely and quickly

as gasoline replaced hay.

We worried about the clearly dangerous rise of Fascism.

And I spoke about my book which says that, at this time,

humankind will either move towards the sun,

or our days will grow dark as the remaining carbon

is regulated and resources go to war instead of peace.

He then asked if I had read The Mayan Factor.

I had not.

But the Author is generally credited as initiating the Aug. 1987

Harmonic Convergence.

Charlie and I talked about mindforms and how they become

embodied and become part of the creation.

I talked about how the great global forcing issues of our time,

will begin to move these embodiments off the table and through

a host of new mind form shaper extrusions.

Charlie thought that might not be too pretty.

We finished our pies,

Tomorrow, we will see each other again.

Independence Day you know.

We should celebrate it often.

As we go out and we come in.


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sidewalk cafe courtesy of Connie Kirk


Blogger oZ said...

I made a spelling correction and added should right at the bottom.

Be sure and read the piece by Zinn that is linked on Independence Day.

It's essential reading for all nationalist.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I felt the same as you did about "plug in hybrid" when I composed in my book, "The Skinny on Weight Loss: One Woman's True Journey to Fat and Back" the ideas in the chapter, 'Tea for Texans.' I touted sugar-free tea, and water, instead of "soft drinks," back in 2002. Now bottled tea and water, a few years later, are all the rage. I rejoice in our clairvoyance.
The Zinn link is profound. There is wisdom in it for all of us.
Frances Morey

7:35 AM  

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