Sunday, July 02, 2006

If I was President

If I was president, I would first of all get rid of Icky Dick.

Actually, I would first make him apologize to the nation and to me,

And the rest of the World,

For coming up with all that toilet intelligence and

For beating the war drums every Sunday morning.

I would also tell him to get his drool fixed.

I would tell the Congress to start dealing with the World’s Real Issues,

Like the fact that we have a real finely oiled military/industrial complex.

And that complex is not going to do so well on bean sprouts.

I would tell the Congress to come up with a plan for climate change,

But they won’t, because they still have oily pals still feeding their meter.

So I would establish my own Commission by golly,

And we would figure out how we “go solar” like right now.

Since I already know most of the answers, (that’s why I’m president)

We would have a good head start.

I think I would Nationalize the Wind Power Business and take away

Any possibility of General Electric getting too awful rich.

I would allow any manufacturer to get into the business by providing

Large startup loans, so that we can create wind turbines in this war,

just like we made bombers by the thousands in the last war.

As for solar, I think I would create a prize, a really big one,

For the best solar technology that can be immediately deployed,

At prices that we can afford, with elements that are plentiful,

with methods that can be manufactured with computers and printers,

Or applied on walls with conducting filaments and spray on paints.

Whoever comes up with best one gets, say, 100 million dollars.

Second and third prizes would almost be as generous.

We would spend that much in a government lab just getting organized.

If I was president, I would make sure we had cheap reliable electrolyzers,

That would convert excess wind and solar into hydrogen.

I would let General Electric develop the hydrogen fueled

Combined cycle turbine. ( We will need the jet engines anyway)

If I was president, Food would be free.

If I was president, Everyone would have health care.

And the true providers of health would be rewarded,

And the providers of disease would be eschewed.

If I was president, I think I would make the multinationals

The outlaws they already are.

I would encourage Cooperations not competition.

I would tell the world that I’m going to take the Defense Department

and turn it into the Peace Department.

For our new defense would be based on our contribution and worth

To the World, not our ability to destroy it.

I would require that our children no longer learn to pass stupid tests,

And instead, pay teachers to bring their hearts and minds up right.

I would raise the price of gasoline to stratospheric levels,

And give a rebate to those who could not afford it.

I would abolish coal. Period.

I would use that freed up rail capacity for people and goods.

I would offer to the nations that we give ourselves the opportunity

To construct a new way to harmonize our different needs and fears.

We would start a World Union.

The United Nations would go the way of the League of Nations.

As President, I would run on the promise,

that Peace is in our hands,

and Justice is in our arms,

and Liberty has a new torch.

And we are all,


"If (aka Oz ) was President, we would all be rich and at peace, and there would be a Secretary of Excellence". A.G. (famous baseball coach)


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