Saturday, July 01, 2006

Still in Kansas

You know that a trip is going to be a little special,

When just as you are leaving downtown,

You come down the new super over pass,

And even though you are going with the traffic,

You find yourself doing 80 after coming down the hill.

You notice it, slow down, and then you see the cop

At the bottom of the hill.

That is why we all hate cops.

They like to park at the bottom of hills.

Are they looking to keep us safe and secure,

Or are they fishing for suckers at the bottom of the hill?

We all know the answer.

So in my most Buddhist of temperaments, I tell the officer,

“If this is the worst my day gets, then that’s OK.”

He was young, doing his job, mining the unsuspecting

Who will learn to hit their brakes instead of coast,

as they come down the new man made mountain.

Later as I began to get some distance and as I got onto the Altiplano,

I ran into some serious rainstorms.

They were the kind where the windshield wipers are going

Flap flap flap as fast as they can, and you still can’t see.

Finally, after more than an hour, the clouds broke a little.

And I did something I have never done from the Altiplano.

I turned on the Radio and hit search.

The numbers whizzed by as the tuner searched the empty sky,

And then it stopped around the 80s.

And loud and clear, there was “All Things Considered”

So I’m driving about a jillion miles from nowhere,

Listening to NPR, as if I was at home.

At five o’ clock, the stations identified itself.

It was Radio Kansas.

Somehow when you write under the name of Oz,

And you find that you are still in Kansas,

Everything gets a little special.

About two hours later, I arrived in my mountain home,

But only after struggling with weird smells, possible car malfunctions,

Only to witness the most beautiful ray of light shoot from the clouds

And strike the land before me in all its desert brilliance.

That night, it rained for hours, and the temperature dropped to chilly.

Earlier in the day, while still in Kansas

I was thinking of the Consciousness of Division,

And how we can learn to recognize it and reject it.

Anytime you hear division embraced,

Reject it.

Reject every attempt that is made to separate you from your oneness

And your beingness.

Forget about flags, and football teams, and beer branding.

Forget about gods and philosophies and teachings that split you

Away from your life,

From your Self,

From the Knowledge

we are given.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post - a reminder of the oneness and the possibility of what can be.

2:53 PM  

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