Friday, June 17, 2005

Becoming Whole

Often I speak of People of Conscience,

People who know that the earth is our home.

People who know that humans and all life forms are precious.

People who know that the creation is sacred.

People who know that what we do and how we do it,

is part of a holy dance,

a holy dance that we get invited to just once.

People of Conscience are not happy knowing their taxes

are being used to harm innocents in other lands and cultures.

People of Conscience are uncomfortable with the notion

that one group on this earth has the answers for all the other groups.

People of Conscience grow uneasy with flags and ribbons and pisces

on the bumpers of luxury editions of fuel dumb military vehicles.

People of Conscience know that there is something out there

that connects everything and that things have a way of returning.

Earlier in the day,

I spoke with a friend about Karma,

and how it seems that these days,

that if I act like an ass hole,

it comes right back to me almost immediately.

She knew exactly what I was talking about.

She said the same thing was happening to her.

Well, there is this professor type that I ran into last weekend.

And make no mistake about it,

He is an ass hole,

A hostile, mean, passive aggressive, know it all huge ass hole,

who finds balance in his life through the chips on both of his shoulders.

He is a finely educated physicist and academician.

He believes that nuclear energy is the answer to our energy problems.

He thinks that sequestering carbon in the biosphere is silliness.

He thinks that solar can never run our power hungry world.

He thinks that green energy should be cheaper than brown energy.

(I haven't the slightest idea why)

And he knows how to get my gander.

And I allow myself to become undone.

And then,

I become the ass hole.

I hate that.

If you oppose a force,

you take on that force.

Knowing this and

perfecting this,

Is the difference between

being undone,

and being whole.

I hate growth,

almost as much

as I hate change.

I got this comment yesterday.

Oz, please post something, for the love of humanity, something, where we can volunteer to help build this cybercoop. We have literally, 40 years to reverse radical climate change. In the Guardian today, there is an article that states that warming in Africa will be more deadly than HIV. We need to begin to teach the children... tell them how badly we have screwed up. Take the freakin Ipod off and listen to what we have done to your air and water.

Well, let's start then.

Wherever, whoever you are.

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We've got a whole lot to do.

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Blogger Charlie Loving said...

I have indeed met a few assholes in my day and I have been one. I think that it is in our nature to be such. We get drive to it by the small actions that offend us and through the day these build up and then some cleark will screw up and we jump on them and ruin their day. it is so much better to stand back and relax and allow things to settle. Tell that clerk a joke or ask them if they are having a bad day and listen to their compalint.

I get riled at eating places where service is susposed to be good and a great number of times I get thrown out for making a scene. That was in the past, now I have a companion who tells me to cool it and guess what cooling it works.

I was in Detroit last week which is the most awful city in the U.S. (The Pistons excepted). It is a black city.

There are skyscrapers that are abandonned and they lack grafitti. The punks can't afford the paint the place is so poor. I went to Motown and it is stuck in the middle of skid row.

But, but, the people were so kind and wonderful. I was the white guy. I was invited into homes, went drinking in African American bars and hooted for the Spurs and was derided all in good fun. I visited schools as well.

A UAW fellow took me under his wing and showed me the real town and the great people there. I met the line worker there who has (a National Guard Capt) who spent the past 18 months in Iraq. He now has only one hand and can't go back to work at Chrysler. The government is behind on his pay and they are messing with his disability but he is positive and is working as a volunteer in the schools to help young blacks achieve something.

It was a positive experience in the midst of a disaster. The town the government has written off. Motown is dead or dying. The people are struggling and they are for the most part kind and wonderful and working; busting their behinds to save their city.

It is not often that the visitor gets to go in and see the seemy side and get invited into a snapshot of daily life and to see what is really going on.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is beautifully written and to the point. It brings in the hard and the soft. It speaks to those who want to be people of conscience and don't as yet have a clue.

It is inclusive and inviting. It speaks without ranting. It shows your soft underbelly and a taking responsibility for your own growth.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice. I like this one too.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is very good...

If you oppose a force,

you take on that force.

Knowing this and

perfecting this,

Is the difference between

being undone,

and being whole.

1:50 PM  

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