Thursday, April 27, 2006

What It Is


'm on the way to a hydrogen meeting today.

Here is a basic from last June.

What it is About

Last night, at my Father's Day dinner,

a really smart friend of my 30 year old son asked me,

What is your blog about ?

I responded that I have a very clear idea of what it is about.

And that, as best as I can tell,

no one else has the slightest idea whatsoever

what in the Sam Blazes earthfamilyalpha is all about.

Some have called this an environmental blog,

and it is true,

I speak of climate change and of the odd notion we have

that it is civilized to throw your trash into the air.

I marvel how we allow ourselves and our corporations to dump


into our most precious resource,

our air

without even a tipping fee or other charge for the disposal rights.

I question why the free marketers don't attack this kind of leak in the

pricing mechanism.

They apparently want the market to work.

Their way.

Some have said that this is a solar or renewable energy blog.

And it is true, I speak of the solar hydrogen economy

and power paints and heliohydrogen.

I speak of moving away from carbon,

which is a smart thing to do,

mostly because our carbon fuels are moving away from us.

Peak Oil is definitely coming in your lifetime.

Probably by Tuesday.

Some have said that this is an anti war site.

It is a pro peace site.

The cultural myth that if you just war enough,

you will finally win peace,

is a perilous road that

leads to perdition.

Others, have wondered if this is a political blog,

which criticizes the present government for its monstrous shortcomings

because I want some other business light party to rule instead.

That may be true,

the Perfect should never become the enemy of the clearly better.

But this is no political blog.

Earthfamilyalpha simply proposes that

With the advent of advanced global communication,

new forms of social contract can be created

which transcend the geographic state.

These new cybercoops or cyberstates will bring humankind

to higher levels of cooperation and understanding.

I told my dinner guests,

that as a visionary,

you can't get too excited when no one knows

what you are talking about.

It pretty much comes with the territory.

But Still,

Try to go through your day without your country.

See yourself as a citizen of the world instead.

Try to imagine all the news you hear and read without nations.

See that we have painted ourselves into a corner here.

Try to imagine a new super ego.

Try to grasp a new psychological condition.

Try as if your life is at stake.

Because it probably is.

Begin to think about how people of conscience

can come together and form a new union,

a new invention of social contract.

a new dimension in cooperation.

An earthfamily.

That is what it is all about.


What it is About

Earthfamily Principles

Earthfamilyalpha Content II

Earthfamilyalpha Content



art Rene Magritte, The Treason of Images


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the original paperback of "The Limits to Growth", on page 24, is a stylized scatter graph.

On its vertical axis, named "Space", are labels, beginning at the origin: "Family", "business, city, neighborhood", "race, nation", and "world".

On the horizontal axis, named "time", beginning at the origin, are "next week", "next few years", "lifetime", "children's lifetime".

The position of a dot is supposed to represent the perspective of some unit of humanity. How far from home do you care? How far into the future?

There are lots of dots clustered near the origin. The density of dots gets really low in those areas far from the origin, representing things that are far away in space and time.

Simply put, most people think close to home and soon.

By coincidence, I was thinking about that graph today before I read today's earthfamilyalpha.

I probably don't have a clue what earthfamilyalpha is about either. But for me, it is simply about thinking on a grand scale, in both space and time.


1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on.

I'm a female-to-male transsexual and I believe nationality should be like gender: a natural expression of identity which both informs and enhances play, art, work, family, fashion, music, dance, sex, sports, food--in short, every aspect, large and small, of life. Never should nationality nor gender be used to restrict, confine, repress, or wreck violence. Rather, nationality and gender should both celebrate humans’ mutual diversity and likeness, in speech, food, dress, crafts, art, architecture, literature, cinema and the multiplicity of ways humans express their joyful humanity. It should be about fun, and realizing your potential, never about bigotry, warfare or oppression.

Thanks for your blog.

4:33 PM  

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