Saturday, April 05, 2008

Earthfamilyalpha Contents IV

This years contents have two new sub-categories with the addition of environmental philosophy, and economic philosophy. Given the economic uncertainty ahead, I suspect there will be plenty of stories and interest in the area. I added environmental because I didn't have a good place to put sustainable stories or stories about the architecture of our human settlements and how we must begin to change them.

This year has lots of remarkable poetry from the Mideast, thanks to SB.

I notice that fiction is a little light, so hopefully we will see a little more of Jeanelle.

Earthfamilyalpha Contents IV


Climate Change

Raise the Bar / Antarctic Ice Collapse / Common Sense / The Real / The Approaching Storm / Think it Through / Hansen's Solution / The Balloon of Perception / Awaiting the Awakening / Our Conundrum / When the Canary Died / Bali High / Energy and Freedom

Resource Depletion

The Dragon is Furious / The 38th Time / Noah's Seed Ark / Water World / A Modern World / Our Core Function / Make Oil with the Sunshine / The Doubling Time / Failure to Communicate / The Great Relearning


Stupid Free / Race for the Sun / World Class Solar / Transformation Optics / The Solid State Revolution / A National Solar Plan / Opportunity Knocks / The French Engineer / The Planetary Patriot / The Central Organizing Principle / Our One True Source / Where you used to be /The Lexicon Electric /Google It /



Ride my Stick Pony / Grace / The Moon in Mars / Christmas In Prison /The Good Samaritan / Where you used to be / Another Mountain / Songs About Friendship


A More Perfect Union / Metastrategies / A Delegate Balance / The Kitchen Stink / Election Results Revealed / Polls and Polling / Eleven Eleven / The New Newspeak / Leaders and Reflectors / Super Fat Tuesday / A Feminist Take on Hillary / A Better Country / Winners and Losers / The Train that Arrives / Fast Money Boats / Obama and Iowa / Blowback / It's the Season / The Sword Doctrine / Out There / President Edwards


The Fog of Uncertainty / The Worth of Us All / The Laws of Sustainability / Live where we live / Learning to Count / The Sanctity of Place


Wayland's Chits / The Truth of the Lies


Eulogy for 4000 Neighborhood Kids / Put A Little Love In Your Heart / Thanal Online: C. P. Aboobacker / Ali Bilir: from Migration Ballads / International Women's Day 08 / Another World Is Possible / Tearful Awakening / Rise Up / Iraqi Poet: Siham Jabbar / Sadiq Assaieg: This is Baghdad / Zebra: Close Up and Vast / Iraqi Poet: Mohammed al-Nassar / Love In a World At War / New Year's Day, 08 / Oh / Iraqi Poet: Mohammed Mazloom / Iraqi poet: Faliha Hassan / Poems from Iraq / Pie / Giant At the End


The Ten Suggestions


Come Together / April Fool / The Real News / White Paint / Aztlán: Who's An Immigrant? / The Good President / On the Death of Raul Salinas / The Farmer in the Dell / My Favorite Holiday / Manufactured Landscapes /Learning to Count / The Sanctity of Place / Cop Calls 911

The World

The Place of Women / It's the Bourse of course / Hometown Baghdad / Fullering Around / Mind the Gap / See the Same Way / The Insurrection /


One Flower at a Time / Earthling / The Fourth Year


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Earthfamily Principles
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