Saturday, May 26, 2007

Space and Time

"Space and Time" art courtesy of Spiller Art

I'm on the way to the coast today, so I know where I am going.

But where do we as a people go? (An Oldie)

Where Do We Go?

Maybe you are asking yourself this question.

Maybe it is more personal and there is no We.

Perhaps you pose the question only for yourself and your lover,

or perhaps for your children and your mom.

Perhaps you include your cousins and aunts,

and your best friends.

Maybe the We that is the subject of this question

is your nation,

Maybe it is Humankind.

In order to go somewhere, we need to determine some things.

The first one, I suppose, is where are we Now?

Using the 600 (800) something-or-another posts on earthfamilyalpha,

the Now that I view and sense with my manius cranius,

is pretty well documented.

We, unfortunately, are headed for a colossal economic

and environmental future that is unlike anything most of us can imagine.

No, in Churchill speak, this is not the end of the world.

This is not the beginning of the end of the world.

But, it may be the "end of the beginning".

Which means that we find ourselves at a new stage,

the next level of evolution.

So where do we go?

We move towards a consciousness that is fundamentally different

from the one we employ right now.

All of our divisions, our race, our sex, our economic status, our nations,

our ideas about free markets, and democracy, will jump a beat,

and they will be hijacked on a star ship that is bounded only by

the creation.

We will learn soon enough that violence begats violence.

We will learn to see and think for ourselves.

We will see corporate and governmental shaping with 20/20 vision.

We will know in our souls that hate and war can only be cleansed through

love and peace.

The night before last,

It became all too clear to me.

We will need to build our settlements and our homes

as if we actually believe what our eyes and ears are telling us.

We may need to go deep into the earth.

We may need to build giant domes over our cities.

We may need to build new cities under the oceans.

We may need to move to a home 9000 feet in the mountains.

We may need to employ advanced emasers that moderate

the sunlight that careens down upon our homes and streets

and redirect that energy to giant fields of photon to electron materials.

We will need to abolish the use of coal,

and extinquish all of the rest of our archaic fire burning ways.

And that will most definitely include our "arms of fire".

For we will need to focus on the tools that provide for life,

not the weapons that will insure more death.

We will need to transform from a world of Multinational Corporations

that only see a consumer that must be mined for profits,

into a pantheon of truly democratic Multinational Cooperations,

that exist to provide the services and goods we need,

so that we may be prosperous and secure,

in mind, body, and spirit.

So where do we go?

We go to that place

Where we are most alive.

Where we are most free

Where we are most Whole.

Where our hearts and our minds lead us, and

Where our sense of being sleeps in the soft manger

of the miracle of space and time.


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Blogger Charlie Loving said...

Somewhat optimistic, which is good. I don't think we have learned anything myself. We still run around in tribes and hate still resounds world wide. But it might change, it could, but I doubt it.

5:54 AM  

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