Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Fourth Year

A friend and reader emailed me recently and asked me how much longer I would continue to do this blog. She wrote,

"So what about replacing yourself with several people. So what about soliciting your most interesting writers from your favorite blogs to come over and do one day a week? So what about the blog becoming a sort of magazine? And you write one day a week and manage the schedule?

You probably need to get untied from the daily responsibility so that other creative opportunities can be possible. Remember evolution... periods of homeostasis, plateaus of no change, and then boom! big change, big change, big change..... free yourself up so you will be able to be in the place most useful with the energy to take on an elephant."

In fact, I get a lot of help with this effort. Just look at the poetry section below and you can see how much SB has contributed. Respectisthehub has pitched in too. And concerned folks like David T. send me their letters, which I often use. Some folks send me pictures, some send me videos.

But given that I just spent three hours updating Contents III, perhaps my pal has a point.

If you are reading, and you have something to say in words or in pictures, or in video, and it fits within the earthfamilyalpha context, and you would like to share it with a global audience, tell us at earthfamilyalpha at

Perhaps the fourth year will be the beginning of something different.

And You can be a part of that difference.

Earthfamilyalpha Contents III


Climate Change

Halocide / Abrupt and Irreversible / Branding the Halo / The Global Plan / The Season of Change / Overcoming Paralysis / A Rolling Stone / Fighting the Fire / The End of the Holocene / The 11th hour / Much Ado About Something / Act As If It Is / The Albedo Effect / Your Pledge / 100 Years of Science / Petrol to the Fire / In Imminent Peril / Doffing the Cap / Change to Preserve / I just ate a G 8 / Gonu Rocks the Boats / Crossed Fingers / The Tenacity of Mendacity / The Pod People / Carbon Scams / Real Know How / The Fall of the Titans / The Disease is the Cure / Eight Billion / Frisbees and Flatulence / Mr. Gore goes to DC / The Swindling of the Earth / The Real Realism / Step it Up! / The Moving Scale / Do You, Mr. Jones / Climate Change Theater / World Climate Accord / A Fighting Chance / The Window /Frozen in Time /Evolving Ourselves / Climate Premiums /The Good Explosion / The Final Verdict / Tick Tock / The Year of Feedback / Santa's Ski / Food Chains / The Culturotomy / Bush v Gore II

Resource Depletion

The Worst Case / High as a Barrel of Oil / Plateau Oil / A Scenario to Ponder / Your Money or Your Life / A New Place in Time / A Bowl of Porridge / A Curious Phenomenon / Better Clothes / The Cave of our Fears / The Better Outcome / The Myopia of More / The End of Everything / Portland Plans for Peak / Get it Together / Happily Motoring / The Plausible Scenario / It's Now, Now / Without our Boat / The Challenge / Beyond Purview


A Recovering Panglossian / Limp, Lame, and Spineless / The Solar Bloom / As the New Rushes In / The Solar Reality / Terra Firma Forming / Good Walk Scores / Virtual Flying / The Nuclear Mirage / It Speaks for Itself /Our Giant Reactor /Uranium Savages / Some Day Sun Day / Riding the Caboose / Flying in the Air / Wise Use / Reversible PV / Deploy, Develop, Evolve / The Mainstream / The Silver Bullet / Vision 2020 / Photonic Plastic Peace / The Rock Burners / The Photonic Energy Web / Hydrogen Hype / Good News, Bad News / A More Perfect Union / Coal is Toast / The Light That Surrounds Us / The Clean Coal Myth / The Earthship /Energy Vision / Seed Pods / Perma Principles / Ultra Cap Wrap / The A F V / Earth's Xmas List / Energy and Light



A Scary Thing / Being Here / The Pathless Land / What Goes Up / Face the Light / How Peace Comes / The Time Machine / The Fields of Our Fathers / Ride the Wind / Truly the Beginning / The Change That Comes / The Naked Eye / Buddha Mind Bubbha Mind / A day in the Life / It's Been Crappy Before / The Tao of Climate Change / The Whispering Hours / The Second Attention / The Observer is the Observed / La Paz / Our New Hat / Freedom from the Known / We see what we are / The There There / It's the Season / Sea of Light / The Rushing / Contradiction Diction


Reap the Whirlwind / Fighting the Frame / The Stalking Horse /These are the stakes. / Introducing the President / A Strong Dark Shadow / Simply Remarkable / The Art of Conversation /Earth Pledge / Masters of War / Mercy At Last / Blind on Blind / Good History is not Was / Fast-track Hacked / Plenty of Blame / A Platform for Reason / Its a Bad Joke / Foolish Wise Men / Let's Find Out / Peace on Earth Day / Notes on Nationalism / Strong Winds / The Long Shadow / The Green Enlightenment / Carbon Nation / Pressure Change / Toadie Speaks /The Ride /The Mouse that Roars / The Imminent Threat / Peace on Earth / Losers Weepers / Let US Begin


Bridges of Words / Global Is Local / Soheil Najm: Iraqi Poet / Giant in the Hood / Ali Bilir: Turkish Poet / For my Palestinian sisters / Lost Under Church / Naming the Glee / Is this Love / Ghettoetry / Crazy Listening / Sohrab Sepehri, poetry and art / Women For A Better World / Being A Nut / Big Circle / The Universe is Hear to Now Us / Labor Day Parable / Luke / Asra’a / Flying Pools / Swimming in Baghdad / The Thirst of Water / Lady Bird / Herding Cats / River Friend / Oh By The Way / Graveyard Universe / What Profit / Moment finds Place / Wandering Stranger / Unbomb Iraq / Earth Day Possibilities / Respite / Wars Are Not Solutions / Light and Worship and Us / Flight Of the Bumblebee / Lecto divina / Line in Water / Endebbe Road, cont. / Phoenix On Our Street / White Crosses / Three Iranian Women Poets / Screaming at the Robot / Mosul / What We Honor / Prayer for the Abuser / Or Not /Peace Train / Last Act / Peace Surge / The Age of Quan Yin / Send the Bush Twins / Diving into the Future / Blind Executioner / New Strategy / Apology / Unbomb Iraq / International - Law? / Family /Pie

The World

When the Wind Blows / Chinese Moon / Iraq Moratorium / The Fifth World / Remembering the Future / Live Earth / Earth Food / Et Tu Gonu / Mother Noos / Where Things Are / Oh Brother / Blue Hole


No One is the Wiser / National Guard: Where? / Theory not Fact / Tilted Playing Field / No End in Sight / $6,200,000 Screw Driver / CHF and Renewable Energy / Charles Hillyer Freeman / Grace Paley / Dr. Strangelove / What Do YOU Think? / With God on their Side / The Desert Rainbow / So Sick of It / Floods and PUDs / The Hate Makers / Vivoleum is People / Bold Steps and Big Ideas / The Nays / The Bank Tower / Stopping Shopping / Remaking Society / A Light Goes On / Ironic / Cultural Transformation / Wheel of History / Light to Light / Pax Americana / Culture of Intransigence / New McCarthyism / Every Religion

World on Fire / Demon Democracy / The Glory of War / Turning Blue / The Tunnel at the End / The Purloined Post / The Cool of the Heat / Learning to Fly / The Mugwump / The Day of the Heart / A Galactic Tactic


Cyberbeings and Cybersapiens / The Alpha Effect / A Giant Leap / Beyond Borders / Social Epidemics / The Great Turning / Tools or Toys / Circle the Sun / Knowing what we Know /Triangular Transformation / A New Social Contract / Publicans / Memorial Day Blues / Space and Time / Our Joys and Our Tears / Each Beat of the Heart / Tomorrow is Today / The Planetary Cortex / Place and Space / The Light of Day




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